cookies with jam

I’m finally back after long european summer holiday. today turned out as cooking/baking saturday with kiddos and i managed to fight my laziness and creating this (although short) blogpost. besides other things today we made these healthy oatie cookies with quick homemade raspberry jam. IMG_8545 can’t decide what’s prettier – my flowers or my cookies? i clearly know what tastes better.

i used recipe from “my new roots” book by sarah britton. she has a similar recipe on her blog but not quite the same. if u wanna follow that one i recommend making few changes: use raw honey instead of agave nectar, replace the spelt flour by rolled oats blended into flour, use arrowroot and forget the baking soda and lemon. add some chopped macadamia nuts for extra crunch.

also i suggest making your own raspberry jam by blending cup of raspberries with tsp of raw honey (if u must) on very slow speed. gradually add tbsp of chia seeds and let it set in the fridge. can keep the leftover for breakfast. yum.

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