beet fennel mozza salad

salad as a main dish for lunch can’t be just green leaves right? this one will keep you full till late afternoon. and then you have huge piece of chocolate like i did today. some days are just not made for counting calories. this salad is not dairy free like most my recipes because i just discovered new italian store in neighbourhood and can’t get enough of their burrata. IMG_4027salad: lettuce of choice i used italian lettuce for the bottom of the platter, next layer is mozzarella (burrata if you like), then lightly grilled veggies – aubergine, fennel and beetroot splashed with bit of olive oil and lemon before grilling, topped with avocado and coriander. i also added goji leaves that are available right now at the organic farm i get most my fruit and vegetables from and sprinkled chia seeds for extra crunch and decoration.


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