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onsen tsubaki

if you look for something very traditional to do you need to visit a hot spring. its perfect to arrive in the afternoon spend a night and leave next morning. you go back to busy tokyo as a new person. place we went was called tsubaki and was by the sea one and half hour drive from tokyo by car. there’s also bullet train option. food there was nothing for “western sushi” lovers. this is a proper japanese stuff where you have no clue what you eating because the lady serving your food speaks english with the strongest japanese accent so her explanation leaves a lot of room for your imagination.

so what you think this could be? thats how the dinner starts. cherry blossom branch always present.IMG_9460

this was sashimi for my 3 years old son means that this is the least advanced dish of the whole dinner.IMG_9462

all i can say this was a delicious soupIMG_9463

little tv watching before bed (tatami)IMG_9449

and here is the first course of breakfast which ended up having almost as many courses as dinner that night beforeIMG_9485

last dip in the onsen and home we goIMG_9497


the sake country

this is not much of a food post but it’s been a while since i left japan and i miss everything about it. how do they manage to make everything look pleasant and stylish?  IMG_9367

tokyo in all its beautyIMG_9397

messages on wooden planks in the meiji shrine IMG_9378

i love how the most delicious sushi is shaped totally unevenIMG_9409

very organised roadsIMG_9388

more ladiesIMG_9372

even no smoking sign looks niceIMG_9364

and loads of sakeIMG_9351