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overnight oats


i had my mom and brother over for couple weeks and they have been forced to eat these scary looking breakfasts with me. but even those meat eaters had to admit these jars of over night oats taste like heaven.

here is how u make them: the evening before soak one part of gluten free rolled oats in double part of liquid of choice. i recommend hemp milk or almond milk. you can add all kinds of different dried fruit or seeds like me (coconut, mulberries, pumpkin seeds). top if with funky coloured super powder like acai and pop it in the fridge. next day add some fresh fruit (mine is passion fruit) for extra vitamin boost.


cookies with jam

I’m finally back after long european summer holiday. today turned out as cooking/baking saturday with kiddos and i managed to fight my laziness and creating this (although short) blogpost. besides other things today we made these healthy oatie cookies with quick homemade raspberry jam. IMG_8545 can’t decide what’s prettier – my flowers or my cookies? i clearly know what tastes better.

i used recipe from “my new roots” book by sarah britton. she has a similar recipe on her blog but not quite the same. if u wanna follow that one i recommend making few changes: use raw honey instead of agave nectar, replace the spelt flour by rolled oats blended into flour, use arrowroot and forget the baking soda and lemon. add some chopped macadamia nuts for extra crunch.

also i suggest making your own raspberry jam by blending cup of raspberries with tsp of raw honey (if u must) on very slow speed. gradually add tbsp of chia seeds and let it set in the fridge. can keep the leftover for breakfast. yum.


my absolute favourite and in my opinion the best ice cream shop in the world is barbarac in saint tropez. charming location right by the old port, always crowded and plenty of fun as well as traditional flavours to choose from.

i had nocciola (bottom) and raspberry mille feuille on top – which was a new one and really good one. never had a bad ice cream in this place anyway.


le club 55

my favourite lunch in south of france is definitely in le club 55 near saint tropez. this place just screams holiday!!!

started with spicy bloody marry.IMG_5654

the vegetable basket is seriously to die for. every bite is incredibly tasty because this is the best time of the year and best region for fresh produce. accompanied by the bread and butter that french do the best. i love how each slice of bread here is so big that if u have 2 u basically ate the entire loaf. and my favourite rose domaine d’ott.IMG_5657

i could just live on these.. at least for the rest of the summer IMG_5700

this tomato needs no condiments or spicesIMG_5701

somebody else enjoyed the artichoke as much as i didIMG_5702

and sea bass to shareIMG_5703

finished by the famous tarte tropezienne – brigitte bardot’s favourite according to the legend. and les fraises des bois  the wild strawberries. j’adore!IMG_5789


my healthy(ish) birthday


what else would veggie lover have for her birthday than “healthy” cocktails based on slow pressed juices. there were 3 types:  beetroot+celery+apple+vodka.  carrot+orange+ginger+pisco.  watermelon+cucumber+habanero pepper+tequila. they looked pretty innocent to begin with but had pretty good kick to them. well we all got our 5 a day sorted right there. IMG_4576

we had salad bowls and little bites like homemade ricotta with manuka honey with balsamic reduction on also homemade sourdough bread       IMG_4499

or home cured charcuterie board with pickles, chutney and pate IMG_4501

what we had for sure was a lot of funIMG_4579

and of course a cake. gluten and refined sugar free carrot cake made with quinoa flower.IMG_4578

sunset that day was just divine. happy birthday to me.IMG_4547

hong kong street treat

there is some pretty amazing street food in hong kong. both savoury and sweet. i randomly walked into this eggettes and gelato place in wanchai the other day. signature cantonese take away dessert combines the light fluffy waffle (plain or black sesame option) and soft italian gelato. you can then go for dark chocolate toppings combination or matcha – my choice.IMG_4489

beetroot chips

quick and easy way to make a healthy and pretty snack


cut the beetroot into very thin slices. the thinner the better. place them on baking paper lined pan, brush with bit of coconut oil and sprinkle pink himalayan salt and fresh thyme or go for unsalted option with just cinnamon. your choice. they all taste delicious. bake for 20minutes but watch the chips closely as they tend to burn easily especially when they are very thin. let them cool down to achieve the crispiness.

beet fennel mozza salad

salad as a main dish for lunch can’t be just green leaves right? this one will keep you full till late afternoon. and then you have huge piece of chocolate like i did today. some days are just not made for counting calories. this salad is not dairy free like most my recipes because i just discovered new italian store in neighbourhood and can’t get enough of their burrata. IMG_4027salad: lettuce of choice i used italian lettuce for the bottom of the platter, next layer is mozzarella (burrata if you like), then lightly grilled veggies – aubergine, fennel and beetroot splashed with bit of olive oil and lemon before grilling, topped with avocado and coriander. i also added goji leaves that are available right now at the organic farm i get most my fruit and vegetables from and sprinkled chia seeds for extra crunch and decoration.


afternoon tea

my kids are my little helpers when it comes to baking. yesterday we made rhubarb and strawberry crumble (and today we ate the entire thing). i experimented with these pretty roses  i got from my friend and made a tea to match our crumble. IMG_3984


rhubarb and strawberry crumble: cut up 5 stems of rhubarb into 1inch pieces or smaller. cut strawberries in half (kids job). put all fruit in saucepan with bit of agave syrup or sweetener of choice and cook it for about 5 minutes till the fruit softens. rhubarb can be pretty acidic so in this recipe i do not skip the sweetening step as i usually do in other recipes. for the crumble run cup of almonds in blender to get almond meal and mix it up with cup of gluten free rolled oats in a bowl. warm up 2tbsp of ghee (or coconut oil) with 2tsp of cinnamon. when liquid, pour it over the dry mixture and make it into the crumble texture. layer the fruit on bottom, crumble on top and pop it in the oven for 20minutes. done and done.

rosebud tea: 2tbsp of dried edible rosebuds, 2 star anise, 5cm ginger sliced up. all in a teapot and pour over boiling water. in 5 minutes you have this calming and beautifully smelling tea.

tacos saturday

love having friends over for lunch on the weekends. this time i made healthy tacos. mostly vegan except one with fish. even the margaritas were bursting with vitamins and tequila is vegan after all.

fish taco and blueberry margarita IMG_3731

i followed this recipe for margaritas without the agave nectar as they are sweet enough with all the fruit in them

for fish taco i used this recipe just swapped cauliflower for halibut and used only red cabbage. i especially love the tartar sauce on top that i made from vegan mayonnaise replacement, homemade pickles and homemade sriracha sauce (recipe at the end of post)

cauliflower tacosIMG_3732

for these babies i used white cabbage and carrot slaw instead of purple as stated in the recipe


tempeh and bean tacos IMG_3733

these were delicious and meat eaters would never know they are vegan. tempeh base seasoned with paprika, turmeric and chilli topped with plum tomato, avocado and coriander

and dessert… cherry and coconut frozen smoothie with baby brownies IMG_3734i kind of wanted to follow a recipe but ended up little different. so here is how u do it:

1tbs cacao powder, 1tbs shredded coconut, 1tsp of almond milk mix together, u can add tiny bit of coconut syrup and make small balls (if too crumbly add more milk) and pop in the freezer. brownies done. for the creamy shake pour coconut milk in the ice cube making tray and freeze few hours in advance. once frozen throw 8 cubes in the blender with half cup of almond milk and half cup of pitted cherries. pour mixture in glasses and decorate with baby brownie balls, pitted cherries and shredded coconut. p.s. cherry pitter is the best invention ever

oh and most important recipe of the taco saturday is homemade sriracha sauce! you can make it as spicy as you want and you know exactly what goes in it unlike the one you buy in a store. supposedly you can keep it in the fridge for couple months but we used up the entire pot on the table between 4 people during that lunch.